We believe every entrepreneur must develop their business activity without boundaries or obstacles; and have the ability to do so, unaffected by tax, accounting or legal issues; further creating an operating, profitable and constantly evolving company; invest their time and concentrate on making strategic decisions that will bring profit and growth. That's why we have established EPIDOSIS.

Personalized tax planning and implementing it to your needs, in addition to promptness, security, confidentiality and long-lasting experience in all our internationally based offices – Poland, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria – as well as a network of specialized partners all across Europe. The full tax planning we offer, together with a huge range of basic and complementary services, will cover every aspect of your business and lead you with steady steps to the top.

Ever since the far-away 1986 until today, we have managed to lead hundreds of businesses into growth and profitability. Our next goal – developing YOUR business!

EPIDOSIS ‒ Expand your Business | Tax Planning Services

Our mission

To provide personalized tax planning by complete support and high-level services related to the establishment of a company; accounting and legal support, translation services as well as organization and processing of various types of investments in the countries of Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland and Greece.

Why is EPIDOSIS unique?

  • Excellent communication, quality of services, consistency of words and deeds
  • Rich know-how in the implementation of personalized tax planning
  • Expertise in providing insurance, accounting, audit and legal services
  • Physical presence by housed offices in Greece, Poland, Bulgaria and Cyprus
  • Measurable results through monthly reports
  • Comprehensive support for any issue arising in Greece and abroad

Do you know why personalized tax planning is necessary for your business? Contact us and we will organize the development plan for your own enterprise.

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