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Epidosis operates in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Poland by providing personalized tax planning services with a strong advisory and consulting services for more than 30 years now. The extensive engagement with our specific markets has granted us incomparable experience and necessary expertise to help your business venture get the highest level of success.

Epidosis Business Worldwide



Epidosis Business Worldwide



Epidosis Business Worldwide



Establishing a Foreign branch in Greece

Why relocate my Headquarters?

The extended instability of the economic and business environment has resulted in the increased search of new opportunities for a growing number of entrepreneurs. The main purposes are low taxation, reduced bureaucracy, low operating management costs, stability in bank, legal and tax systems, as well as a high level of financial services, in a growth-enhancing and business-friendly environment.


Companies are now required to overcome the narrow boundaries of their countries and seek solutions and options in new markets by adopting a global profile.


This new model of the so-called global company – already established and shaped – is accessible and affordable to every entrepreneur. Apart from the various advantages, a set of new needs and requirements has been established.


What can EPIDOSIS do for me?

  • Comprehensive (full) Advisory Support
    Auditing, legal, translation and accounting services, as well as a set of support services to cover your entire business scope.
  • Personalized Tax Planning
    High-quality training and unique solutions fully customized for YOUR business. The wide-ranging set of services we offer will protect your enterprise with promptness, safety and efficiency from any arising requests.
  • Establishing a branch of your foreign company in Greece
    Get easier access to international markets and significant competitive advantages by relocating your business head office headquarters abroad while maintaining a branch office in Greece.
  • Establishing a Company / Ready-Made Companies
    Establishing a company abroad and choosing the most appropriate legal form as well as a possibility of acquiring immediately available companies with full tax and insurance information and all necessary certificates.

Contact an Epidosis representative immediately and get personalized tax planning and accounting advice for your business.

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