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  • A stable banking and tax system
  • Low operating costs
  • Promptness of procedures and minimal bureaucracy
  • Strategic geographic location
  • Possibility of establishing a company with a minimum capital of just EUR 1

Bulgaria is one of the most investment-friendly countries and can be described as a tax and social insurance heaven for both the Balkans and the European Union in general. Being a member of the European Union since 2007, the country falls under the provisions of the intra-EU trade among Member States and has signed Double Taxation treaties (a.k.a. Treaties for the Avoidance of Double Taxation) with most of them.

Establishing a company in Bulgaria brings multiple advantages. The legal, insurance and tax frameworks are stable and the business environment is particularly friendly – it encourages foreign investment. At the same time, the country enjoys all the advantages of the EU legislation – free movement of goods, services, capital and persons while it is also part of several development programs.

Additionally, the process of establishing a company in Bulgaria is quick and simple, without bureaucratic obstacles, having all professions open and accessible.

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Why choose EPIDOSIS?

Personalized Tax Planning

We boast promptness, security, confidentiality and rich expertise in the Bulgarian tax system due to our rich experience. Together with you, we will analyze the real needs of your business, identify the strategy you need, and come up with the best solutions and practices to effectively make your business successful. The comprehensive tax planning we offer will cover every aspect of your enterprise in order to avoid tax issues both in Bulgaria and in Greece.

Establishing company in Bulgaria

In just 4 business days, you can obtain a Bulgarian VAT number and corporate bank accounts, while full operation activation may be completed within 10 business days. At the same time, your company shall be entered into the VIES system and obtain a European VAT and an EORI Customs number necessary for international trade (customs clearance, specifically) with third countries.

Ready Made Companies (RMC) in Bulgaria

RMCs are directly available and legitimate companies with a Bulgarian VAT registration, fully integrated into the VIES system. They give you the opportunity to get a ready-made company with full tax and insurance updates as well as all the necessary certificates in just one day. By providing promptness, security and credibility, we will responsibly carry out the relocation of the company share/-s alongside all other additional changes so that the new company will be ready for commercial operations.

A Foreign Branch with Headquarters in bulgaria

Do you know you can obtain tax incentives and significant competitive advantages over other domestic companies without interrupting your business in its registered office in a third country? Establishing a branch in a third country and relocating its headquarters to Bulgaria is a process unknown to many entrepreneurs. Together, we shall turn it into an exceptionally simple and short process, in order to achieve all the tax incentives offered by the Bulgarian legislation system.

Turnkey Services and Advisory Support in Bulgaria
  • Opening a corporate bank account in Bulgaria
  • Check of available cash in order to avoid tax penalties
  • Requests for VAT refunds with efficiency and accounting accuracy
  • Return of funds to Greece from dividends of a Bulgarian company
  • Registration as a tax resident in Bulgaria
  • Termination of operation and final closure of a company in Bulgaria
  • Mediation in granting loans to Bulgarian companies from multinational banks
  • Issuing and submission of a complete business plan for companies in Bulgaria
  • Filing of reports on leasing and rental of a professional vehicle
  • Creating a Bulgarian-language website in order to enhance tax security
  • Exemption from national social insurance contributions of the third country for tax residents in Bulgaria

Contact an Epidosis representative immediately and get personalized tax planning and accounting advice for your business.

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