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Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text file stored on the hard drive of a user’s computer or other electronic device. Cookies are unique to each web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) and contain anonymized information about the websites you visit and the devices you use.

The Website has been developed with programs which use cookies for their proper operation. We use cookies to personalize the content and the advertisements, the provision of social media features and the analysis of our website traffic. In addition, we share information about how you use our website with social media, advertising and analytics partners, who may combine it with other information you have provided or collected in connection with your use of their services.

  • Necessary cookies

These cookies refer to the storage of information or the access to information already stored on your device, with the sole purpose of transmitting a communication via an electronic communications network  or, to the absolutely necessary extent, to provide an information society service, which has been explicitly requested by the user or the subscriber.

Necessary cookies are essential for the proper operation of the website, as they activate its basic functions, such as the access to secure areas. These cookies do not recognize your personal identity. Without these cookies, we can not offer an effective operation of our website. The cookies are stored on your computer only during your stay on the website or for the maximum duration of an operation period.

For these cookies you are not allowed to reject them, as it would be impossible the services provision on the Website.

  • Suggested cookies

These cookies are not absolutely necessary in order to use the specific website aw provided, but your consent is required in order to be implemented. Suggested cookies allow the website to remember information, which changes the way the website behaves or appears, such as the selected language or the area you belong to, so as to provide improved and personalized functions.

If you have decided not to give your consent to the use of cookies, in case the consent is required, or if you have revoked this consent, then you will only be provided  with the website features , whose use does not require such cookies.

  • Statistical cookies

Statistics cookies  help website owners understand how visitors interact with the site by collecting and analyzing information anonymously.

  • Cookies for marketing purposes

Cookies for marketing purposes are used in order to track the movements of visitors to various websites. The intention is to display advertisements which are relevant, personalized, and attractive to the individual user, and therefore, more valuable to third – party publishers and advertisers.

How could you control cookies via a browser

You have the ability to configure the installation of cookies at any time through your browser settings.  To manage and disable cookies, follow the relevant instructions per browser. Alternatively, you could visit the website www.aboutcookies.org (the link is external), which contains extensive information on how to control cookies in a wide variety of computer browsers.


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