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EPIDOSIS provides a wide range of personalized services of mainly advisory focus to cover every aspect of your professional activity. Our knowledge and experience in the financial and professional environments of Greece, Poland, Bulgaria and Cyprus has enabled us to identify and propose optimal solutions and effective practices that will lead your business to further development and growth.


Why is personalized tax planning necessary?

The “heart” of every business is its Financial Department. Its accounting planning and auditing (control) are processes and procedures necessary in avoiding tax risks – on the one hand, and to maximize the benefits of each country's legislation – on the other hand. Proper tax planning protects your business as a whole, taking into account the needs and the particular challenges it faces in its particular environment of [business] operation.


Our approach to business tax planning

By means of a wide range of basic and complementary services: accounting, advisory and legal support, auditing, to name a few, EPIDOSIS will guide you in making the right decisions from the moment you conceive an idea, to its implementation and finally – to its evolution.

To us, every customer is unique and the tax planning we provide is always personalized!

EPIDOSIS is a tax advisor with the necessary know-how and experience to meet your demands with promptness, safety and confidentiality. A comprehensive tax planning we implement will suggest alternative solutions to help you successfully complete your project by saving time and money.


Contact an Epidosis representative immediately and get personalized tax planning and accounting advice for your business.

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