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The world’s contemporary financial environment constantly creates complex risks and increasing number of challenges for all companies operating both locally as well as internationally. Nowadays, the use of exogenous support and particular know-how are valuable tools in the efforts of every company to take smart business moves and make cost-effective financial decisions.


Audit of Accounting Procedures & Results

At EPIDOSIS, we offer specialized financial knowledge in order to avoid as well as manage risks in each field or industry. Having a full picture of your business and activity, our primary concern is to implement all best practices in order for us to be able to more easily identify and resolve any challenge that may arise.


Corporate Reporting Services

EPIDOSIS is aware of and keeps track of all of the latest developments so that it can provide important information to investors, shareholders and entrepreneurs – for all stakeholders to be able to optimally manage every business issue. Having provided Corporate Reporting services to a large number of companies in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Poland, we boast with our rich experience and know-how to carry out reliable audits.

Regular accounting audits and analyses of financial results with the highest degree of safety and confidentiality.

By means of specialized financial audit we provide, we have the possibility to confirm the accuracy of the accounting procedures and financial results of your company. The outstanding expertise and experience we have gained after years of engaging with the markets of Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Poland allow us to effectively and directly deal with every accounting and business issue.

Our client base includes family businesses, Stock Exchange listed companies as well as subsidiaries of well-known business groups all operating in various industries and covering a whole range of economic activities.

Comprehensive Auditing Services
  • Accounting audit for international reporting
  • Regular audits of financial statements and legally required audits
  • Independent assessment of financial and non-financial assets and other special purpose assurance activities
  • Providing assistance in capital market transactions, including entry into the local and international Stock Exchange market
  • Defining and investigating fraud
  • Accounting and regulatory consulting services: corporate structures, technical accounting consulting, compliance with international accounting standards
  • Risk Assurance Services
  • Corporate education programs

Contact an Epidosis representative immediately and get personalized tax planning and accounting advice for your business.

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