In our contemporary and ever-changing economic environment, new and existing businesses are trying to identify appropriate sources of support to fund and develop their operations. Their main aim is to gain the competitive advantage that will make stand out in their field of activity. One of the most important criteria for achieving it is undoubtedly the smooth and continuous access to funding.

Επιδοτήσεις ΕΣΠΑ

Development of an Economical and Technical Study (a.k.a. Feasibility Study) – ESPA

EPIDOSIS has the right experience and professional flair to develop a comprehensive financial Economical and Technical Study – it shall include and examine all the parameters needed to finance your business or business idea from an available ESPA program.


Editing, File Submission, and Project Implementation

EPIDOSIS provides specialized advisory services related to the drawing up of the appropriate investment plan, the file management, the necessary oversight for the proper implementation and execution of the agreed project in order to achieve the effective outcome of the business plan.

We seek to transform your business idea into a sustainable investment plan!

EPIDOSIS is constantly looking for new investment and business proposals to join the ESPA funding programs. One of the main sources of support for the business activity is the programs and projects co-financed by Greek and European Union funds. Obviously, the grant process is an important tool promoting healthy entrepreneurship and supporting successful corporate growth. Businesses in Greece can benefit from a variety of financial tools available to help them carry out their investment and business plans.

For your successful participation in ESPA funding programs, we carry out the following:
  • Investigating and elaborating the business objectives of the fund provider
  • Search, assessment and detection of opportunities offered through funding programs
  • Drawing up and submitting an investment proposal to the fund provider
  • Drawing up and signing the agreement on cooperation and project take-up, based on the objectives of the fund provider and the defined program requirements
  • Planning and elaboration of an economic and technical study as well as feasibility and sustainability studies
  • Drawing up technical audit reports and stand points on the successful management of an investment plan
  • Provision of advisory services after completion of the investment, aiming better control and supervision of the smooth operation of an investment plan.

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