Transferring your headquarters to countries that encourage entrepreneurship such as Poland, Bulgaria and Cyprus and keeping a branch in Greece will provide you with significant competitive advantages over other domestic companies. You will also be able to obtain all the tax incentives existing in these countries without interrupting your activity across borders.

Υποκατάστημα Αλλοδαπής

A new efficient company form

A foreign branch is an additional corporate form allowing you to gain easier access to international markets with the relevant major competitive advantages it brings while enjoying all the benefits of your uninterrupted business activity in Greece.


Comprehensive knowledge in tax preferential destinations

Our rich experience and years of engagement with the tax regimes of Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece allow us to offer a wide range of basic and complementary services in these countries. At the same time, a personalized tax planning we can run exclusively for your company will maximize your profits and create a functional, profitable and sustainable European company.

An innovative form of a company that will bring competitive tax incentives and direct access to international markets!

Our know-how will guide you in choosing the right market where your company can acquire a global profile and long-term viability. Quite simply, a specific business strategy allows you to take advantage of all the benefits provided for in the European Tax and Insurance Legislation.

Advantages of Keeping a Foreign Branch in Greece
  • No contributions to the National Social Insurance Agency (or its equivalent in your country of residence) in Greece irrespective of the level of income for both the legal representative and the owners of a company
  • Exemption from the distribution of dividends in Greece and a possibility of return of capital to the mother company abroad
  • Possibility of appointing a legal representative to be any person with a Greek VAT number, without having them affecting the company by their previous business activity
  • Submitting a consolidated balance sheet in the country where the company has its registered headquarters and ensuring special processing in taxation within the borders of this country
  • Routing of intra-Community transactions from the headquarters of the company abroad as well as from the branch in Greece with exemption from VAT
  • Conformation of the cash available between the headquarters abroad and the branch in Greece – jointly, resulting in easier capital transfers and greater flexibility in case of internal loans
  • A foreign branch shall have a Greek VAT number and is normally subject to the Tax Department operating the Joint Stock Companies (a.k.a. Sociétés Anonymes – from French)

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