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Establishment and successful operation of a company is a result depending on a number of factors. The desire for success, commitment to outcome, favorable forecasts, strategic planning as well as implementation of all the necessary actions leading to growth and sustainability holds an important role for the achievement of the aforementioned.


Accounting Support & Advisory Services

EPIDOSIS undertakes full support of your company while providing advice fully tailored to your needs. We aim to satisfy your professional aspirations both in the business environment of Greece and abroad: in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Poland.


Personalized Accounting Plan

Each company is approached as a unique business entity and each project needs unique solutions in order to deliver the best results. Thanks to the many years of experience and expertise we have acquired, we will accurately identify the full range of your requirements and provide comprehensive and customized accounting support.

Personalized tax planning tailored to your business needs!

The high quality of services, consistency and excellent communication along with the in-depth accounting knowledge we have acquired will contribute to your success when facing every challenge in Greece and Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria.

At EPIDOSIS, establishing a company abroad is just the beginning – along with the development of the business, we will offer you overall quality accounting support. Directly (immediately) available companies ready to perform any commercial activity (RMC), establishing of a foreign branch in Greece of a company based abroad and personalized advice will help your business enter into new markets and gain a global profile.

Full Accounting Coverage
  • Proper and successful registration of all documents issued by your company
  • Complete procedure of document submission for obtaining VAT registration
  • Processing of VAT refund requests
  • Submission of tax return applications
  • Drawing up accurate balance sheets
  • Comprehensive calculation of corporate payroll and social and health insurance contributions
  • Drawing up and sending of monthly reports in a language of your choice
  • Accounting support in Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and Cyprus.

Contact an Epidosis representative immediately and get personalized tax planning and accounting advice for your business.

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