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Today, the majority of successful businesses worldwide are market-oriented – trying to attract clients on a global scale. Yet, the decision of establishing or operating a company abroad involves certain parameters. One of the most important factors is the different language used both in daily communication and business transactions, and with the state (public) bodies of that country.


Specialized Translating and Interpreting Services

The Translation Department of EPIDOSIS consists of certified translators, holders of official licenses with the right to sign and stamp and place the official Apostille seal in a translated document. At the same time, interpreting services can cover your needs of communication during your stay in Greece, Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria – by having certified interpreters who will accompany you to banks, ministries, public organizations and business meetings.


Connect with markets in different countries

Effective and successful expansion of your enterprise into a different language market depends on the accuracy and the specialized translation job of your activity. At EPIDOSIS, we understand that each language has specific features, so all our translators are familiar with the terminology and current expressions of the language a translation is made into.

By implementing strictly standardized procedures, we will satisfy your every need of translation!

Flexibility, customized response to each request, keeping commitment, know-how and prompt response – the comprehensive translation and interpretation services we offer will cover all your business needs in Greece, Cyprus, Poland and Bulgaria.

The high quality of services combined with the consistency in delivery deadlines will be a valuable ally at every stage of your new business endeavor.

Comprehensive Translation and Interpretation Services
  • Specialized translation and interpretation services in Bulgarian, Polish, English and Greek
  • Translations of legal, financial, medical and technical texts with specific terminology
  • Validation and endorsement of translated documents
  • Translation of web pages
  • Translation of company and commercial documents related to transactions with customers, suppliers and partners
  • Special translations related to opening/closing a bank account, legalized documents, company By-Laws, etc.
  • Translations of texts during the procedure of establishing or relocating of headquarters to Bulgaria, Poland, Cyprus and Greece
  • Interpreting services during business meetings with partners, visits to ministries, banks, state agencies.

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